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Tamar Bokuchava


Mrs. Tamar Bokuchava graduated from the Georgian Institute of Psychology (Tbilisi, Georgia), faculty of Medical Psychology in 1999. In 2000 she began work at the Institute on Drug addiction as a psychotherapist. From 2002 to 2004 Tamar Bokuchava, received training as an HIV/AIDS prevention Specialist – Consultant and trainer among injecting drug users.

In 2008-2010 Mrs. Bokuchava graduated from the Georgian Institute on Public Affairs (GIPA) as a Master of Public Policy (MPA). In 2010 to 2015 Tamar took position of Head of Psycho-social Rehabilitation Department, at the Institute on Drug Addiction. From 2013, Tamar Bokuchava passed the PhD Program of Social Sciences in Ilia State University, Georgia.

Mrs. Bokuchava has participated in various conferences abroad, in European countries as a presenter of the “Drug Situation in Georgia.” Tamar has more than 20 years of experience in addictions and General Psychotherapy.

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