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Family Physician

Dr. Valerian Lobzhanidze

Family Physician

Dr. Valerian Lobzhanidze graduated from the Tbilisi State Medical University in 1999 and soon after received his specialization as a General Physician (1999), Family Physician (2006), and Internal Medicine (2012).

Dr. Lobzhanidze worked at the Batumi Rehabilitation Hospital from 1999-2005 and at the Ortabatumi Primary Health Care Center (NGO “Association Genesis”) as an Emergency Care Doctor and Family Doctor. From 2002-2014, Dr. Lobzhanidze worked at Batumi Referral Hospital Emergency Care Unit (2013-2014) as a physician on duty and since 2014, at Clinic “Curatio.” He completed his AHA and NAEMT Advanced Provider Courses in Emergency Care and Prehospital Trauma Life Support in 2012.

Dr. Lobzhanidze joined AMC Tbilisi in May of 2017 and speaks Georgian, Russian and English.


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