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American Medical Centers is moving to its long-planned service of On-Line Consultations and this service will be available immediately. Protocols and training are in place and an appointment can be made through any AMC Reception.

Wuhan Virus

With a continuing number of cases of Wuhan virus – some 7,711 in China there is obviously continued concern about the spread of virus, although to date very few cases have been diagnosed in Europe and none in the countries where AMC Clinics operate – Ukraine, Georgia and Kazakhstan.

Join Our Moscow Team

American Medical Centers is an international health services and virtual-care provider that owns and manages concierge-based outpatient care facilities in Ukraine, Georgia, and Kazakhstan. American Medical Centers employs more than 225 healthcare professionals, providing personal and accessible preventative care, assistance, and access to all medical specialties. AMC is looking for outstanding Family Physicians and Integrative…

This Is Why You Should Read To Your Kids

Reading has been shown to improve language development and early childhood literacy, but what effect does it have on the brain? One study in 2015 found that increased reading exposure had strong ties to activating parts of the brain that support narrative comprehension (understanding a story, its characters, and predicting what happens next) and visual imagery.

Symptoms Of IBS & How To Treat It?

IBS is a common disorder that causes problems with digestion, which is directly related to your bowel movements. The exact cause isn’t known, but some factors that may play a large part in the development of IBS include inflammation in the intestines, intestinal infections, and changes in your body’s natural microflora (the bacteria that live in your intestines or gut).

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