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Healthy Wine? How Can One Find a Better Drink

If you like wine, you’ve probably raised a glass (or two) to the reports that drinking is good for you. Some research has shown that moderate wine drinkers are leaner, exercise more(!), and consume more antioxidants, including those not found in wine. But you might be wondering, are certain wines healthier than others?

All About BORAGE

Borage – a fuzzy-leaved herb with sky-blue flowers and a light cucumber taste can be used in fruit salads, green salads or frozen in ice cubes for cold drinks.

How to Have a Healthy Halloween

Halloween is all about chocolate and sweets. However, using some of these tips will keep your kids, party guests, or trick-or-treaters happy and healthy! Here’s to a healthier Halloween!   Fill up first.  Having a healthy meal BEFORE your kids go trick-or-treating can reduce their temptation to snack, because their tummies will be full. Get…

Well-Woman Check-up at AMC Tbilisi

Dear Ladies,

October is a great time to get an annual check-up at AMC Tbilisi.
In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, American Medical Centers Tbilisi is providing a special price for its Well-Woman Check-up:


AMC is thrilled to announce the launching of PERSONALIZED GENETIC HEALTHCARE.   A sample of Gene Testing we are now performing at AMC Tbilisi “Man’s genetic passport” (APOE, ACE, AGT, PPARG, BRCA1) “Woman’s genetic passport” (APOE, VDR, AGT, BRCA1, PPARG) “Genetic risk of breast and ovarian cancers” (BRCA1 2 polymorphisms, BRCA2 1 polymorphism, CHEK2 3…

Complimentary Yoga Session At AMC Tbilisi

New to Yoga? AMC Tbilisi’s “Introduction Program” is the perfect way to begin or reawaken your yoga practice!   From the 10th to the15th of September, meet our Certified Yoga Specialist and enjoy a complimentary one hour Yoga introduction session! This introductory session is designed for beginners and advanced students who want to introduce yoga…


Spring vitamin deficiency is a consequence of several factors including: colds and viral diseases suffered during autumn and winter periods; depletion of vitamin and mineral reserves during the winter months; and a  lack of vitamins and nutrients in our winter vegetables and fruits

Stress Relief: The Most Toxic Thing in Your Life is Probably Your Stress

Chronic stress is associated with every chronic disease. It lays the foundation for hormone imbalance and inflammation. According to the American Psychological Association, 75% of adults reported experiencing moderate to high levels of stress in the past month. Nearly half reported that their stress has increased in the past year. These days there are entire…

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