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This Is Why You Should Read To Your Kids

Reading has been shown to improve language development and early childhood literacy, but what effect does it have on the brain? One study in 2015 found that increased reading exposure had strong ties to activating parts of the brain that support narrative comprehension (understanding a story, its characters, and predicting what happens next) and visual imagery.

Symptoms Of IBS & How To Treat It?

IBS is a common disorder that causes problems with digestion, which is directly related to your bowel movements. The exact cause isn’t known, but some factors that may play a large part in the development of IBS include inflammation in the intestines, intestinal infections, and changes in your body’s natural microflora (the bacteria that live in your intestines or gut).

Staying Healthy While You Travel

When your family travels, being away from your household’s usual eating and sleeping routines means it’s more likely that someone might get sick. It can take time to adjust to the food, water, and air in a new environment. And kids can be especially vulnerable to travel-related problems such as motion sickness, diarrhea, and infections.

Spring Allergy Tips

If you have allergies or asthma, spring can be a challenging time of the year. This season is known for big temperature and humidity changes and high tree pollen counts — all of which can contribute to allergies and asthma. Spring cleaning can also be hazardous for those with asthma due to the irritating fumes from cleaning products.

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