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American Medical Centers is an international health services and virtual-care provider that owns and manages concierge-based outpatient care facilities in Ukraine, Georgia, and Kazakhstan.

American Medical Centers employs more than 225 healthcare professionals, providing personal and accessible preventative care, assistance, and access to all medical specialties.

AMC is looking for outstanding Family Physicians and Integrative Healthcare Specialists to work at our new Moscow offices.

Family Physician Job Duties:

  • Prescribe and administer treatment, therapy, medication, vaccination, and other specialized medical care to treat or prevent illness, disease, or
  • Order, perform, and interpret tests and analyze records, reports, and examination information to diagnose patients’
  • Collect, record, and maintain patient information, such as medical history, reports, and examination
  • Monitor patient conditions and progress and reevaluate treatments as
  • Explain procedures simply and articulately, discussing test results or prescribed treatments with
  • Refer patients to medical specialists or other practitioners when necessary with proper follow-up while cross-selling AMC plans or service packages when
  • Coordinate work with nurses, rehabilitation therapists, pharmacists, psychologists, and other health care providers,
  • Within AMC group Protocols and norms, direct and coordinate activities of nurses, students, assistants, specialists, therapists, and other medical staff
  • Exceed individual job responsibilities to keep service and patient welfare as his/her only priority; to provide the absolute best service possible, working in a team environment for group


  • Must have successfully completed his/her medical degree, internship and residency in Family Medicine, preferably from a US or European University, hospital, and / or
  • Have at least 5 years of direct clinical practice in a private-care
  • Have superior English language skills—speaking, reading, and
  • Have met and remained current with CME requirements, credentials, license(s), core competencies and professional
  • Have a deep understanding of the local health services market with Diagnostic, Surgical, and Emergency
  • Have some familiarity with EHR systems, CRM software, legal clinical Understand and practice consumer-driven western clinical guidelines and protocols.
  • Excellent communication skills and an ability to interact with patients and their families, as well as colleagues, administrators and co-workers. Work independently but always for the To be highly motivated and driven in the pursuit of care excellence.
  • AMC seeks genuine individuals with integrity and confidence, honest and ethical at all times, and deeply passionate about serving and helping.

If you are interested in this position(s) or would like more information, please visit us at and respond with your cover letter and CV to AMC is an equal-opportunity employer.

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Think You Have COVID-19? We Are Testing.

How does it work?

  • Call your local AMC and consult with one of our physicians. The care provider will determine which diagnostic fits best for you – COVID-19 PCR or Antibody testing.
  • Request an appointment for COVID-19 testing either in clinic or at your place.
  • Results for PCR testing may take up to 24 hours to process while results for Antibody testing are ready within 15 minutes.

How PCR and Antibody Testing differ from each other?

  • The PCR test takes a swab from the back of the nose and throat and looks for the presence of the virus itself.
  • The Antibody testing looks at a blood sample for antibodies generated in the body in response to the virus, showing whether or not the person tested has been exposed to it in the past.
Whether you have detected COVID-19 symptoms, require an Official COVID-19 Certificate for traveling purposes or if you’re wondering if you’ve previously had coronavirus — contact AMC Tbilisi.
*During the busy lab times, PCR Testing may take up to 48 hours to get the result
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