PERSONALIZED GENETIC HEALTHCARE - American Medical Centers (Tbilisi)


AMC is thrilled to announce the launching of PERSONALIZED GENETIC HEALTHCARE.


A sample of Gene Testing we are now performing at AMC Tbilisi

  • “Man’s genetic passport” (APOE, ACE, AGT, PPARG, BRCA1)
  • “Woman’s genetic passport” (APOE, VDR, AGT, BRCA1, PPARG)
  • “Genetic risk of breast and ovarian cancers” (BRCA1 2 polymorphisms, BRCA2 1 polymorphism, CHEK2 3 polymorphisms
  • “Genetic nutrition passport” (FABP2, PPARG, ADRB2 (2polymorphisms), ADRB3, LCT, MTHFR, CYP1A2, VDR, IL6, SOD2)
  • “Health of Newborn” (LCT, CFTR, PAH 2 polymorphisms, UGT1A1, GJB 4 polymorphisms, FTO)

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