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This Is Why You Should Read To Your Kids

Here are some of the amazing ways reading can improve the health of your family.

  • It helps your child’s brain grow

Reading has been shown to improve language development and early childhood literacy, but what effect does it have on the brain? One study in 2015 found that increased reading exposure had strong ties to activating parts of the brain that support narrative comprehension (understanding a story, its characters, and predicting what happens next) and visual imagery. Who knew that Green Eggs and Ham was not only tasty but also helped your brain grow as well! Other studies have found that reading to your kids can even help with a child’s future behavior by improving attention and decreasing aggression and hyperactivity. That is quite a lot of value for just 10 minutes of reading a day.

  • Makes bedtime fun for all

A regular bedtime routine is highly recommended by the American Academy of Family Physicians and American Academy of Pediatrics. Bedtime routines are a way to get control over the evening, and a bedtime story is your ultimate tool. Stories are able to capture your child’s attention and engage them in play that won’t rile them up before bed. They also serve as a positive signal to your child that it is time to rest and settle down. By introducing this level of fun, it can help change bedtime from a chore to a bonding experience for both children and parents to enjoy.

  • Exposure to new concepts

Reading can transport your child to an entirely new world and expose them to new ideas and concepts that are out of their norm.

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