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Spring Cleanse Program with Ayurvedic Superfoods

This easy 5 day detox program will help stimulate your body’s ability to burn fat, release toxins, reduce cravings and support digestion. The cleanse is based on a vegetarian and simple KITCHARI (rice and lentils) diet that allows body to burn the fat without feeling hungry all the time.

Do You Need To Cleanse?

It could be time for you to cleanse if you experience
one or more of these symptoms:


– Weight gain
– Cravings
– Poor digestion
– Allergies / rashes / itching skin
– Swollen hands and feet / water retention
– Headaches
– PMS, Breast swelling and tenderness



Welcome to Your Fresh Start

First Consultation

During the first consultation our doctor will take your comprehensive medical history. After that you will receive written instruction for your individual cleanse program. The detox plan includes nutritional recommendations with recipes, herbal supports, supplements, physical / breathing exercises, and relaxation techniques.

Follow-up Consultation

The follow-up consultation happens in the first week after the detox plan is completed. During the course of these 5 days, the doctor is always available for the patient, the patient’s condition
is closely monitored and constantly evaluated by the doctor. The doctor may introduce necessary changes to the program.

It is strongly advised not to drink alcohol and coffee during the detox.

Five Day Detox Complete Cleanse for $275 Only

If you have any questions before the cleanse, you are welcome to contact AMC Tbilisi anytime at +995 32 250 00 20, tbilisi@amcenters.com

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